Therapeutics and reproductive
management for stray dog
populations and wildlife.

Because every animal
deserves a happy, pain free life.

A project of
The Amber and Adam
Tarshis Foundation

Single dose, non-surgical sterilization for stray dogs and "pest" populations

Aerial shooting, poisoning, and trapping of pigs, wolves, camels, and other wild animal populations considered "pests" is both costly and inhumane. Targeted, species-specific viral based delivery of reproductive suppressing proteins offers a solution that is cost effective, safe, and easy to deliver. This technology is available now but lacks the support and acceptance from governments and wildlife management organizations to deploy it.

Low cost options for
cat and dog sterilization

Disarmed species specific viral vectors, like those used for targeted human cancer therapeutics can be used to deliver safe, permanent, non-surgical sterilization to female (and possibly male) dogs and cats at a fraction of the cost of spaying or neutering animals. These low cost technologies would save tens of millions of dollars in state and county shelter system budgets, and reduce the burden of compliance with city and state ordinances for private pet owners.

Gene therapeutics for
domesticated and
wild animal populations

Species-specific viral vectors engineered to deliver therapeutics and beneficial proteins to pets and wild animal populations offer immense potential to address severe disease in animal populations including cancer and kidney disease, as well as more minor but pervasive and economically impactful problems like mange and allergies.


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